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A4H is a non-partisan independent political action committee. We help empower Hindu-Americans and other Americans, who share our values and views on policy positions. A4H’s additional mission is to encourage and promote public policies that embrace pluralism, mutual respect and liberty.

A4H was set up in response to recent anti-India and anti-Hindu statements and actions by members of the Progressive Caucus (“PC”) of the Democratic party that have aggrieved a large swath of the Hindu-American community.  A4h believes in empowering other Americans or Hindu-Americans who supports its principles.

A4H was created in December 2019 and commenced operations early in 20**

A4H does not compete with other Hindu organizations. It works in coordination and conjunction with other like-minded Hindu organizations to promote pluralism and combat those voices that are trying to divide American society into groups of victims and victimizers or privileged and oppressed.

Anyone who is a permanent resident (ie, Green Card holder) or citizen of the United States eligible to donate to A4H.

Currently all Hindu-Americans are at the mercy of policy makers, who at times have shown disrespect and worked against the community’s interests.
Therefore, there was a need to empower political candidates, who will represent the Hindu-American community’s interest and concerns at legislative bodies.

A4H has provided financial support to a number of congressional candidates across the country since its founding. It has also managed to convey the concerns of the community to key/influential members of congress and the current administration.