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A Non-partisan Independent Political Committee.

Empowering Democracy with Hindu Values

Our community has been incredibly successful in various fields, including businesses, IT, science, medicine, education, and finance. However, when it comes to the political arena, we have not been as successful

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Americans4Hindus mission

Encourage American Hindus to be part of political process

Americans4Hindus is a SuperPAC that focuses on supporting candidates for elected offices in political arena to help protect, sustain, thrive, and realize American Dream for millions of Hindus and Pro-Hindus in the USA.

Political Goals

  • Influence and Support 200 election campaigns to bring Pro-Hindu candidates get elected at local, state and federal levels

Community Initiatives

  • Encourage American Hindus to be part of political process
  • Encourage Hindus to gain Citizenship, register to Vote and get out to Vote to be counted
  • Increase youth participation in political process 

How can we help

At Americans4Hindus, we aim to change that by raising awareness and advocating for Hinduism while recognizing our contributions to America.

Additionally, we aim to address our community’s concerns, including Hindu hate, Hinduphobia, immigration, education, the genocide of
Bangladeshi Hindus and Kashmiri Pandits, and Indo-US relations.

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